Welcome to the official website for Lunatic Productions. Lunatic Productions is a stop motion studio making funny lego shorts for our viewers to watch. We also do behind the scenes videos and tutorials for those wanting to learn more about stop motion and videography.

Our Videos

Below are a list of our the stop-motion animations we have created.

The First Crusade (School Project)

Antman vs. Spiderman (Civil War Parody)

A Day in the Forest (Ninjago Rebrick Contest Entry)


  1. What program do you use to make your movies?

    We use Dragonframe 4 for the animating, Adobe After Effects for the editing, compositing, and VFX, Adobe Character Animator for the mouth animation, and Adobe Audition to do the sound effects and voices.

  2. What camera do you use?

    We use a Nikon D7000 or an Ausdom AW335 1080p HD Webcam.

  3. What FPS (Frames per Second) do you shoot at?

    We shoot at 18 to 24 fps.

  4. How long does it take you to make one of your short films?

    It takes us an hour to produce one second of footage, so a pretty long time.

  5. What clay do you use for the ground in your animations?

    We use Claytoons, formally known as Van Aken.

Contact Info

If you want to submit a contest entry, request a tutorial, or contact us for some other reason, please email us at, fill out the form below, or use the link below. Click here to email us!

Support Us


Our youtube channel (Go to it here) is where we post all of our stop motion animations, behind the scenes videos, and tutorials for you to watch. Make sure you like our videos and subscribe to our channel to receive notifications whenever we post a new video.


Lunatic Productions' Instagram account is We do live videos of us working behind the scenes from time to time where you can watch us and ask us questions on how we make our videos and stuff like that. We will post previews of our videos and updates on them up there as well. Once we finish working on a video, we will post the link to the video so you can watch it. The video also will go up on this site and Youtube.